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Manchester Science Museum

Manchester Science Museum

The museum is a must see while visiting Manchester. Manchester Science Museum (MOSI) largely covers such themes as transport with railway locomotives, aircraft and space vehicles on the display. It also focuses on power, sewerage and sanitation, textiles and the impact of the industrial revolution, communications and computing. Manchester Science Museum is unique as it offers its visitors steam train ride on a replica of an actual steam class locomotive.

Some of the most notable objects on display include a complete RAF Avro Shackleton plane, a Super marine Spitfire plane and a Hawker Hunter.
The Manchester Science Museum also displays a replica of the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine, the world’s first stored-program computer. Built in 1948 it was a test tube for one of the first prototypes of computer memory systems. It turned out to be the very first machine that contained all of the elements essential to a modern working computer.

The collected cameras will excite the photography enthusiast; the gallery explores 170 years of photography in Manchester. It tells the story how local people made and used cameras in the early days of this art.

The gallery definitely has something to offer the whole family.
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